• Family life can be a struggle...

    Cut the chaos & live it on your terms!

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    A personal perspective on living life and raising your family on your terms

  • What is it?

    Raising a family often feels like an uphill climb.

    It's time to shake off old expectations and live the life that suits YOU and YOUR family.

    Are you a parent frazzled by work and family life?


    If your health or happiness, your kids behaviour, or your marriage are suffering because of your pace of life - this coaching will help you to start enjoying family life again - on your terms.


    This coaching helps you get your life back so YOU can be happier, and enjoy yourself more. When you're happier your family benefits 100%!


    This isn't about learning parenting tactics and skills - this is about you reclaiming your life. Your career and parenting will thrive when you learn to calm the chaos and live life more simply.


    In 3 months you can transform your personal and family schedule, reduce your stress level and improve your family life. Find out if you're ready now - book a FREE 15 minute discovery call directly with me today.


  • Who Am I?

    I'm on a mission to help parents be happier, so they create a healthy family life and raise thriving kids too!

    Lindsay de Swart

    The Parent Alchemist

    Lindsay has worked with Moms and Dads, both in the corporate world and entrepreneurs, to help them stop living with the stress and chaos of today's hectic, crazy life so they can become happier parents, with thriving kids, in healthy families.


    She is a Mom, Sister, Daughter and Wife, owns 2 dogs and loves to run, ski, ride and lift a few weights occasionally too!


    She has been coaching for 13 years and now works from her family home in Holland Landing, Ontario. She enjoys life free of stress and drama - and she wants to help you do the same!

  • Testimonials

    Real experiences from people just like you

    "I can't begin to express all the changes that have happened in my life being coached by Lindsay. They were fast and lasting. After each session I would feel lighter and full of optimism.
    The voices in my head quieted and I had techniques to keep me on track. My life was changed forever." Nicky Coughlan

    "Lindsay has this way of listening to what you are saying and then giving you some advice that you might not normally have done, but it turns out to be the best advice! 🙂
    What she really gave me was courage." Jennifer Fisher

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